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On average, 45,000 children are born in Gaziantep, which has a 0-4-year-old population of 230,000. Considering the needs of newborn infants and their caregivers, and taking into account the importance of the first 1,000 days in brain development and human life, public services targeting this field also come into prominence. Within this framework, some of the efforts conducted by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality include:

  • Provision to families at the municipal services centers of the trainings, seminars and workshops created by Boğaziçi University as a part of family guidance efforts.
  • Scaling out throughout the city of the “Early Childhood Development in Six Messages” messaging campaign created by Boğaziçi University as a part of family guidance efforts.
  • Distribution of the healthy nutrition guides created by the BvL to families who receive milk from the municipality.
  • Delivery of design and safety trainings and reorganization for babies and their families the areas in public spaces with relevant units and employees so as to launch the activities targeting the 0-3-year-olds and their families implemented in the public and outdoor spaces across the city.
  • Continuation of the “Analysis of Services for Children and Families” prepared by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation and Istanbul Studies Center of Kadir Has University as a part of the work on generating data-based decision-making tools.